Conejo Valley Unified School District Responds to Parent’s Uniform Complaint

Thousand Oaks, Monday June, 27, 2016, CVUSD Administrators release findings of their investigation into allegations of religious indoctrination against EARTHS Magnet Elementry School’s 4th Grade teacher, Ms. LaMontagne. 

According to the UCP Findings, CVUSD Deputy Superintendent, Instructional Services, Mr. Robert Iezza states “Ms. LaMontagne also admitted that she shared teachings of Mr. Emoto with the class in connection with a rice water experiment.  It is undisputed that Ms. LaMontagne taught students yoga and had students meditate in class during the 2015-2016 school year. — Ms. LaMontagne stated that she used meditation to reduce student’s stress.  — Ms. Lamontagne stated that her students would meditate each day when they came into the classroom from lunch, and she played music with no lyrics in English during this time because she did not want the kids singing along.”

 Even though Mr. Iezza presents admissions that arguably sustain several of the parent’s claims, his conclusions deny any wrongdoing by neither the District and School’s Principle, Mr. Rickert, nor Ms. LaMontagne.

Mr. Iezza goes on to conclude: “Ms. LaMontagne’s use of the rice experiment, Mr. Emoto’s teachings, meditation, and Yoga were done for a secular purpose.  Additionally, we find no evidence that Ms. LaMontagne’s rice experiment lessons and use of Yoga or mediation in class advance or inhibited a religion from an “objective standard.” Thus, allegation 1 is not sustained.”

In addition to the Uniform Complaint Investigative Findings, there are exhibit correspondence documents in the form of emails and letters contained within the Redacted Uniform Complaint Findings document that is available to read below. The UCP Complaint, UCP Findings and identified exhibits are public record. 

If you’re using a mobile device, you can access the document here.