Case Activity Progress Bar

Case Activity Updated: 12/18/19

 Current Case Activities: Deposition Transcript Certification, Expert Witness Deposition, Trial Prep. 

Recent Case Activities:  We just had the mandatory Case Settlement Mediation hearing on December 12th, 2018

Upcoming Case Activities: Begin Trial, Jury Selection

Current Crowd Funding Report

Fundraising Goal = $10,000

These funds are to be used for hiring the Expert Witness and paying for associated Expert Witness costs, including Agency referral fee, travel expenses, associated deposition fees, transcript fees, report fees, and witness fees.  

Current funds raised to date: $1.00

Your help matters!  We need the witness fees funds as soon as possible.  Please take a moment and donate any amount via the paypal donation button located on the “Donate” menu tab page.  Thank you!