California 4th Grader memorizes the Gayatri Mantra while meditating daily in her classroom

Meditation in the classroom is evolving

Imagine your 9 year old daughter coming home from school, and to your surprise, she has memorized a verse of one of the primary texts of a religion other than your own. The verse she memorized, and was able to sing to her father who recorded it, was from the “Gayatri Mantra,” one of the most important mantras in the Vedic and then Hindu religions.

Upon questioning his daughter, the father learned that the “Gayatri mantra” was played frequently in the classroom during a daily 11-minute meditation period that included breathing techniques. Although the mantra itself is in another language, the basis of the mantra is that its power supposedly arises from its tonal or sound vibrations. The mantra is clearly religious in nature.

Listen to the audio recording of a 9 year old singing the Gayatri Mantra

By Jay T. Jambeck

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