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We are your everyday, average, middle-class, American family with two kids and a dog.  Originally from the Sacramento area of Northern California, we both met as teenagers attending a Christian church youth program and then became high school sweethearts. During college we were married by an Associate Pastor who had known us both as kids. He  whom was from the same Presbyterian Church where we had first met. 

We’ve since been married for 21 years and are raising our two children ages 12 and 14 in Ventura County, California. We’re a typical struggling middle-class family.  We’re lucky to have two modest cars that include a 2009 Toyota Highlander, and a 2017 Toyota Rav4.  We pay a conventional fixed rate mortgage on our home that is a three bedroom 1200 sqft split-level condo. 

She works as a Research Associate Scientist for clinical drug therapeutic trials. I work as a Commercial Truck Driver and I also operate a fledgling small eCommerce business from home.

Like most American’s we owe more than we should, and we save far less than we spend. We also have Faith in God and we have traditional American Values.


A few weeks before the end of the 2015-2016 School year, we discovered that our 9-year-old daughter’s 4th Grade Classroom curriculum included both subtle and overt repetitive religious indoctrination favoring Buddhist, Hindu or other religious beliefs and practices that are contrary to our family’s Christian Faith.

This website is dedicated to publicly sharing our story about our discovery, in order to bring awareness and resources to other parents, so they too, can take a stand and put a stop to this growing issue.  We also hope to educate Americans about the pervasive movement of carefully disguised religion that has already entrenched itself within many of our Nation’s public schools.

This website is also an important platform for helping us to crowd fund civil litigation expenses and also to disseminate public record case information related to our daughter’s Establishment Clause Lawsuit.  Our Lawsuit is now removed to the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT and set for trial on February 19, 2019.

Throughout this website, you have the opportunity to review actual legal documents directly from the case and to follow along with this very interesting case as it unfolds like no case before.  

It is our hope for you to be able to see our daughter’s case win at a jury trial, so that her case can be used to establish precedent for future case reference.  With the growing potential to be a mini landmark case, we hope that our unfortunate and costly experience will someday be able to legally help other American families who may find themselves in similar circumstances as ours.

Now is the time for a call to action. Our financial resources have become exhausted.  We have funded the case with all of our savings, emergency funds, as well as pay check to pay check.  All together so far, we have already committed out of pocket expenses totaling well over twenty-thousand dollars.  This amount invested has taken us from the initial retainer and filings, through key witness depositions and finally up to the Mandatory Settlement Mediation. The trial date is approaching and litigation expenses are really speeding up much more than we can keep up with.  Our immediate need is for $10,000 to help us pay for an Expert Witness whom is absolutely needed for us to be able to win this case.  Still more, on top of that we need another $25,000 for additional attorney’s fees and litigation expenses prior to our trial date.  So our ultimate funding goal is $35,000   We have two funding accounts working for us.  Our direct PayPal Donation account is at the very bottom of this page with the goal to raise $25,000.  Additionally we have a $10,000 goal “Crowd Justice” funding account set up that will pay our Attorney’s directly.

No matter what Faith, or Religion you may believe, No matter if you’re Christian or Agnostic, Muslim or Atheist.  What’s happening in America’s Public Schools are already affecting our Children and our Nation as a whole.  If someone like our family, or like you doesn’t take a stand and put in the necessary hard work and resources to see this through, then we will all lose in the end.  We need your help today!  This case is for all of us. Please give if you’re able. Even a small donation adds up to become part of a huge help.  Thank You!

-The Abbott Family

“The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it.”    -Albert Einstein


In our search for representation, Leigh Law Group stood out to us based on a high recommendation made by a referring Attorney.

Leigh Law Group is based out of San Francisco and they have been handing our case on retainer since June 2016.

If you find your family in a similar circumstance to us, and you need to hire a Civil Rights Litigation team, Contacting Leigh Law Group is a great place to start.

Jay Jambeck

Leigh Law Group Partner

Jay is an experienced Litigator. His areas of practice relevant to our case  include: Civil Rights, and Civil Litigation

Mandy Leigh

Leigh Law Group Partner 

Mandy is an experienced Special Education Litigator. Her areas of practice relevant to our case include: Education Law, Civil Rights, and Civil Litigation

Damien Troutman

Damien Troutman

Leigh Law Group Associate Attorney

Damien is an experienced Civil Rights Litigator. His areas of practice relevant to our case include: Education Law, Civil Rights, and Civil Litigation.